Young Magic - Night In The Ocean

The oceanscapes featured in this project were recorded during a coastal pilgrimage to the tip of Québec's Gaspé Peninsula.

The project was heavily delayed after the undeveloped film was lost in the Canadian postal service between Montréal and Toronto. The envelope carrying the film stock was delivered to the processing lab empty.

One month later, following an investigation and the circulation of a 'lost film' message to the Undeliverable Mail offices in Eastern Canada, the film was discovered in Sydney, Nova Scotia - 1500km from Montréal in the direct opposite direction of it's intended destination.

The only conclusion to be drawn is that the images were trying to find their way back to their origins. It is also worth noting that the line leading from Montréal to Sydney, if extended, leads directly to Newfoundland:

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8mm stills extracted from the music video: